Revampiece Bound!!!

Hello Everyone, 
I know its been a while since I had any post on my blog, I would be debuting some items for spring/summer soon.  But I am excited to say that I am adding a new feature unto Revampiece.
                                                                   “Its called Revampiece Bound.”
Revampiece Bound is a platform, where I get to talk to people who are doing something significant and/or making a differences in their community. I believe sometimes we get inspired when we see people just like us either in race, age, ethics or values doing something significant/making a differences in their world. We get to know what inspires them and how they  overcome everyday challenges. Its not enough to see or hear their success story, but also to hear about their struggles, propel us to think big and not doubt our abilities. So join me this month as we become “Revampiece Bound”, take a little piece from everyone around us and making the most of it in our lives…
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 7.20.17 PM
 P.S: Working on some new ideas for spring and summer.. Watch out for those soon.. 

BrTom Ear Warmer…

Hello Everyone,

There is another addition to the Revampiece Collection. Its the BrTom Ear Warmer. Its a beautiful Avocado band with a blue knot in the middle. It would be a wonderful accessory addition to your winter collection. I know the winter season is coming to an end but adding the BrTom Ear Warmer to your collection today will make a statement everywhere you go..

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.45.07 PM

  • Price: $ 10.00
  • Dimension: W= 17 in, L = 3 in
  • Order today on RevampieceEbay
  • Contact me:
  • Pattern Credit: All About Ami

Maka’s Flowery Hat

Maka’s Flowery Hat is a beautiful handmade frosty green hat accessorized with a bold flower and a lovely lemon green button. The Maka’s Flowery hat would be a fashion statement anytime of the year.  Maka’s Flowery Hat is listed on Ebay and Esty.

  • Price: $15.00
  • Dimension: W= 10, L= 8.
  • Order today on RevampieceRevampiece Couture,Ebay
  • Contact me:
  • Free Shipping within the US (Between Mar.1 – Mar.30 2014)



Pattern by Little Birdie Secret

Eby’s Beau Crocheted Beanie

This is my very first post and I am so excited to debut the lovely Eby Beau Beanie. Eby’s Beau is a beautiful handmade country green hat, which would be a great accessory for the winter and spring season. Presently, it’s been listed on Ebay and Esty

  • Price:$15.00
  • Dimension: L= 9.5 H= 7.5
  • Order today on RevampieceRevampiece CoutureEbay.
  • Contact me:
  • Free Shipping within the US (Between Mar.1 – Mar.30 2014)

Crocheted Hat,  Country Green Debut Revampiece


Pattern Credit: Little Birdie Secret